Our advanced tracking solutions provide valuable real-time data to help you to monitor goods, assets, pallets, motorized or non-motorized vehicles both indoor and outdoor

Whatever? Wherever?
Indoor or Outdoor
We can locate it in real-time

Indoor & Outdoor

Real-time tracking of any objects and/or people, both indoor and outdoor. Switch seamlessly between indoor and outdoor connectivity if needed. NetOP Technology offers simple setup with a cloud-based SaaS and trackers that are ready to use.

Technology: BLE/WiFi
Standard Accuracy: <5 meters*
Battery Powered: YES
Info: Lat./Long.
Hybrid Capability: YES
* Under Meter Possible
Technology: GPS/LBS/WiFi
Standard Accuracy: <3 meters
Battery Powered: YES
Info: Lat./Long./Alt.
Hybrid Capability: YES
* Under Meter Possible

SaaS for real-time positioning of anything

Supports Daily Operations

Tracking solutions aid daily operations by locating cargo, assets, pallets even employees and showing their position on a digital map

Business Improvements

Generated data to enable business improvements in assets flow, logistics, storage, purchasing, etc.

1 to 2 years battery life time

Ultra Thin-Size Devices

Due the devices are too small or ultra thin, they can be placed in the boxes you want to follow easily

Unique Location Algorithms

NetOP Location Solutions has a unique and patented hybrid location combination of GPS, LBS and WiFi based location algorithms. It gives optimum accuracy in all conditions. Outdoor, indoor or even minus floors

Staff Badge

Indoor Staff Locator

Ultra-low power consumption with Bluetooth Low Energy 5.x chipset

Compatible With IoT Gateways

Fully compatible with IoT Gateways and embedded location algorithm

Ultra-Thin Tag
(4.8 mm)

Ideal to Stick on Products

IP68 waterproof, integrated button high-sensitivity motion detection inside

Ultra Wide Range

High performance and low power

Location Solutions for Hospitals

We can easily pin the equipment and assets in the whole of the hospital. Ideal for inventory  monitoring and management.

Location Solutions for Ports

Real-time international tracking solutions for containers and reefers.

Location Solutions for Warehouses

Real-time indoor location for any pallet, box or parcel. Also real time tracking for forklifts with the same infrastructure.

Location Solutions for Airports

Real-time indoor positioning of anything to help staff and management save time, increase productivity, and plan better.

Indoor Location
We have a complete range of indoor tracking and analytics features

Low-Power Bluetooth BLE 5.x trackers
GSM/ethernet/wi-fi based edge gateways
Tracker battery life up to 5 years
Plug-n-play integration
Displays on any standard PC, tablet or phone
Analytics for actionable insights
Cloud-based – no server configuration
No training needed

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Outdoor Location
We have many solutions to give you full control of your goods while transporting

Exact delivery data for smart decision making
Dynamic and precise ETA predictions
Automatic arrival and departure notification + stop/start
Real-time temperature and shock detection with positioning
Delivered ready to use
Simple, user-friendly interface
APIs to common ERP/TMS systems
Low-Power chip for longer battery life

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